The Ongoing Abuse by Roman Catholic Priests

A Discussion with Cast Members from "The Keepers" moderated by Elizabeth Letourneau, PhD, Professor, Department of Mental Health and Director of the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Panel Guests:
Abbie Schaub, Teresa Lancaster and Lil Hughes Knipp from Netflix’s The Keepers

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US sunni Muslim Hussain turned to Jesus


Young Indian Sunni Muslim encounters the Lord Jesus Christ


“Betrayed and Abandoned” by Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore, Families of Many Sexual Abuse Victims Are Still Struggling to Heal, Article by Tom Nugent, Inside Baltimore

“What was done to our mother wasn’t just unethical, it was abandonment,” says the brother of a Baltimore Catholic girls high school student who recently received $50,000 and an apology from AOB officials, after reporting that she was raped by two Baltimore priests. Adds Emmitsburg, Md., dentist Dr. Michael T. Hargadon, while describing the destructive impact of priestly sexual abuse first on his sister, Jean, and then on his parents and nine siblings:

“My mother had been a faithful Catholic all her life . . . and when she was told her daughter had been abused by priests, she was devastated. She became depressed and was in agony. We begged our parents’ pastor and other Church [officials] to comfort her and help her through her crisis of faith. But they turned away and did nothing, and she suffered terribly. She stood in her kitchen crying at the walls for a year.”

By Tom Nugent

May, 2018 – One year after a shocking Netflix documentary series blew the lid off widespread sexual abuse of …

Where Did the Towers Go? Dr Judy Wood Talks About Direct Free-Energy

Wagging the Moondoggie by Dave McGowan (1960-2015)

NASA photos

A few questions regarding the 'moon landings':
1. Why have we not gone back?
2. Why didn't Russia, who was way ahead of the USA in the space race, go to the moon, then or now?
3. With all the advanced technology, why haven't other nations gone to the moon?
4. If the Moon landings were faked, why would any government go to such extreme lengths to mount such an elaborate hoax?
5. Could so many people have really been duped into believing such an outrageous lie, if that in fact was what it was? 
6. And also, how did they get that big ol' Lunar Rover off and on that small space ship?
Dave explores these and many other interesting thoughts...

Wagging the Moondoggie: Part I

by Dave McGowan | Oct 1, 2009

“It is commonly believed that man will fly directly from the earth to the moon, but to do this, we would require a vehicle of such gigantic proportions that it would prove an economic impossibility. It would have to …

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Testimony of Mynista a.k.a. Michael McFlyy


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Exposing the works of Satan: Popular Music
"The spirit behind most secular music is Satanic. Many artists have admitted to 'selling' their souls to Satan for fame and fortune. Many artists have also admitted themselves to channeling or being a conduit for evil spirits to create or perform their music. Remember, these are the artists saying themselves and the people around them that have said they are possessed or feel like the music is channeled through them."